Developing Workforce Skills
Essential Skills Services for Mining

Program Development

We design workforce training programs that are customized to fit the needs, interests, and circumstances of your workplace. By working with employers and technical experts, we develop a program designed to improve the Essential Skills of workers or apprentices at your company.

What We Do

  • Design Essential Skills programs that improve job performance and safety at the workplace and prepare workers for success in technical training
  • Profile workers to determine what Essential Skills levels are required for the job, and what further training may be needed
  • Conduct assessment interviews to acquire data on the skills gaps of program participants to maximize learning outcomes during training
  • Interview key personnel (such as subject matter experts, instructors, and senior staff) to design learning outcomes that suit the needs of your company
  • Design and deliver Essential Skills courses using curriculum materials that are customized to specific mining occupations
  • Mentor workplace training instructors with implementing new programs into workplace training to ensure sustainability
  • Customize our Mentorship Program to fit your training needs

Examples of our Programs

The following are examples of programs we have designed in projects with mining companies and Aboriginal groups.

Essential Skills for Ore Extraction

This Essential Skills program aims to improve the success of participants preparing for technical training for the ore extraction occupation. Using authentic materials from technical training and the mining industry, participants learn reading strategies and review math skills.

Essential Skills for Drilling and Blasting

Program participants improve their Essential Skills by learning reading, numeracy and study strategies that will increase their chances of success in passing the Drilling and Blasting exam. Curriculum materials are taken from the Driller’s and Blaster’s handbook.

Implementing Mentorship on the Job

This program teaches workers, supervisors, and contractors a strategy for mentoring new workers on the jobsite. The mentorship program benefits both the company and the industry by fostering the passing on of skills and the continuation of the industry.

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